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We Gotta A Done!

With only one day to spare we got an Elk down in Colorado a week ago!!!

Around 5.30 8 elk came rushing into the pond Gabe and I were hunkered down in brush. The cow was only 20 yards from me staring me down and then relaxed but the spiky young bull was not happy about something and with a jump everyone busted out of there as quick as they come in with a shot opportunity I was frustrated on day 6. About an hour or so later the same 8 returned only slower this time and broadside. The bull gave me a shot opportunity and I gladly accepted pulling the hammer back on my Thompson Encore Pro hunter 50 cal. Peering through my peep sight settled on the shoulder and squeezed of a shot.

The elk dropped in his track, as the hit was a little high in the neck killing instantly! We had started the day at 4.30am and finished it around 1.30am when my head hit my pillow.

Flat tops Adventures Colorado Muzzle Loader Season AussieJohn Scores His Bull
AussieJohn's Elk Sept 2023 Muzzleloader Season Colorado



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