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Sitka Clothing Storage Ideas Between Hunting Trips

Your Sitka hunting clothing is priceless in the field - but how do you store your Sitka between hunting trips? Here are a few tips to keep your Sitka Clothing pristine. A used steel filing cabinet, Oates storage containers from local hardware shop and some plastic see through suit storage bags are my storage solution.

The Oates plastic containers can still breath and I add each scent wafers in these containers and they keep moths and other vermin out!

Every thing is easy to see and get access to. I always thoroughly clean hunting boots both underneath and on top so they are ready for a customs inspection if I need to pack for the airport for travel OS.

Check your boots for thorns, gravel and mud. I use a small ice pick or screw driver to check and remove foreign objects and a strong tooth brush to. I remove the laces first, then all dirt inside, the boot tongues, the tread and stick edge wash and clean and dry them in the sun. TIP I place boots in seperate see through zip lock bags when going to an airport - it shows customs that you have throughly clean your boots and you know what you are doing to meet regulations.



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