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Sika Stag In The Bag!

My Sika Stag Hunt in New Zealand could not have gone any better... I flight into Taupo was only 50 minute by Air New Zealand from Auckland. My host were waiting at the gate and it was only 10 minutes before my firearm was rolled out the door of the terminal and we were off to camp.

Around 4.40 we headed out to the block with Rory my guide for this adventure. A pleasant drive which took bout 40-50 minutes and we were next walking up the ridge to a flat spot to glass for sika stags during the "Golden Hour" and golden hour it was... it had showered of and on most of the day until now. The sun poked its warm rays out and Rory said this is perfect, the deer will come out to feed for sure and you might get a shot, be ready!

Nature turned on a beautiful sight as 3 does first appeared, followed buy a ridge top stud stag at 550 yards. Rory whispered look to the far right of those does in that clearing, no more to the right theres a stag thrashing a small tree and look behind here comes a great stag...lets hope to continues to walk towards the does and gives you a shot.

I took bout 15 minutes for the huge 8 point to make his way to a small clearing below the does and the other stag followed.

370 yards Rory said, can you make the shot? I turned my turret to 350 yard had a firm rest on my harris bi-pod, viewed the level bubble and checked the distance again as the stag was now broad side facing slightly up hill and the 338 pushed back into my shoulder and the thump of the strike could be heard.

Rory nailed him mate! That was a perfect shot . I could just see his legs in the air before the recoil blocked my view. Rory said. mate you should have seen that he rose up and rolled over backwards...that was amazing to see!

This all happened so fast... I had not even had time to change out of my travel cloths into some hunt gear lol.

Darkness had now descended upon us as we finally reached my first sika stag... there was no ground shrinkage at all. The 225 grain had entered the old stag above the shoulder and just low the centre of his spine.

Rory said look at the teeth of this old stag, all his front teeth were worn to the jaw.

Rory gutted the stag and carried him down hill onto an old trail and we were able to get the hi-lux close.

AussieJohn's Sika Stag New Zealand March 2023
AussieJohn's Sika Stag New Zealand March 2023

338 Win Mag Remington Kustom Shop Topped With A NXS 5x22 Scope 225 Remington Core Lokt  370 Yard shot
338 Win Mag Remington Kustom Shop Topped With A NXS 5x22 Scope 225 Remington Core Lokt 370 Yard Uphill Shot

Beautiful Sika Stag Colours
Beautiful Colours



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