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Kimberly Kamper & AussieJohn Australia Adventures.

2020 was a bust for so many with restrictions and no international travel. This year I've planned my own adventure. I looked around Queensland for a Kimberly Kamper Trailer, and found one available in South East Queensland. A 2010 Platinum KK which came with a 3.5 Seajay Boat and 10hp Mercury 4 stroke .

The Kimberly Kamper is equiped with many modern features. I switched out the 73 litre Auto Fridge it came with for a new 60 litre Trailblazer Fridge Freezer. I have used Trail Blazer for over 30 plus years and really like there reliability.

I purchased a new Baintuff Solar Blanket punching out a 180 watts of power for my battery bank which runs the KK trailer fridge and 1212 volt lighting system and shower water pump.

I have many other upgrades planned this next few months. I am replacing the trailing arms. By doing this replacement they will now match the off-set to match my 200 series Land Cruiser so all tyres-rims match and by replacing the coil springs with KK air bags and onboard compressor it will be easier at campsites to get the trailer level or raise or lower suspension depending on the terrain.

All the wheel bearings and seals will be replaced and that will give me a spare set for my KK Adventure (KKA). The KK will undergo a full service and check up and it will be just like new and ready for anything and near anywhere in Australia.

Why did I buy a Kimberly you ask?

First, its Australian made and was designed and built for the harsh Australian environment. The Top-End of Australia is remote and KK have proven track record for reliability over the past 20 years!

Kimberly Kamper are located in Ballina NSW and have Kamper Trailers, Kimberly Off Road Karavans and Top off the line 5 star luxury Karavans available.

The KK has a 2 burner gas stove plus a hot wok to cook with, along with a slide out kitchen and sink with hot and cold water taps. A large pantry hold the dry store goodies and wine of course lol.

The Kimberly Kamper has a diesel hot water heater and shower set up - so you can pump water from near by creek or steams etc. KK has 2 water tanks onboard for fresh drinking water.

Theres plenty of storage on the KK - upfront there is room for a Honda 1KVA generator, solar blanket and solar panels and a portable toilet. There is a small solar panel fitted to top up the battery while parked.

I am planing to pack my Barra Rods and lure of course that's a no brainer lol! The Seajay boat has nice high sides and a flat casting floor. There's plenty of under floor space in the KK for rods and reels etc.

My Toyota 200 Series is build to match the KK too... Old Man Enu BP 51 suspension upgrade, ARB long range replacement,ent takes giving around 1700 kilometre range. ARB rear storage draws and fridge slide with the new ARB Elements Fridge Freezer. Kaymar twin rear wheel carrier gives the added advance of 2 spares plus the one under the KK trailer giving me 3 in total. The new Twin ARB onboard compressor give top up the air when or where required along the way as well. Twin batteries up the front the 200 series drive the electrics and the Redarc battery and solar charger is located just behind the Toyota's grill so it easy to connect the solar blanket when required. ARB's new LED light bar and driving lights give me way better road eyes in the outback as cattle wonder at night and we don not want that encounter. Incorporated behind the bull bar is a Warn 10000 lb electric winch for the just incase and a full draw of ARB's latest recovery gear so I am prepared for almost any event.

First aid is covered by the ARB kit which has most items required for emergencies. GME UHF gives me communications while travelling and a Garmin GPS with Sat Nav texting for remote communications to family etc.

The plan is as soon as the wet season dries up I am heading North... stay tuned!

AussieJohn's Kimberly Kamper Trailer Adventure Start This Year...
2010 Kimberly Kamper Trailer Adventure Start This Year...

Busy Building A Boat Loader Winch Lift In My Shed
Busy Building A Boat Loader Winch Lift In My Shed

My Boat Lifter Design For My Kimberly Kamper Trailer
My Boat Lifter Design For My Kimberly Kamper Trailer



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