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Hunting Limpopo South Africa Cape Buffalo Adventure July 2023

The start of the week in South Africa was anything but ordinary, as the weather played tricks on us. Surprisingly, it snowed in Joberg and Marble Hall, which are not too far from where I was on a hunting expedition. Due to the unusual weather, we had the weekend off in Polokwane. We made our way back to camp early on Sunday morning, arriving by 11am, giving me ample time to prepare for the afternoon hunt. After a refreshing shower, we enjoyed a satisfying lunch.

Equipped with the 375HH rifle, we embarked on yet another thrilling Dangerous Game Hunt in South Africa. This marked my third hunt for Cape Buffalo in Limpopo, accompanied by the experienced Magnus Crossberg and his exceptional hunting safari outfitter and tour service,

We spotted the old dugga boy, a solitary buffalo, not too far from a dry sandy river bed. He stood in the shadows of a thicket, hidden from plain sight.

With the sticks raised and the rifle bolt closed, I took aim for a frontal shot. Steadying myself, I positioned the crosshairs slightly to the right of center, aiming closer to the bottom of his chest and below his mouth. With a solid report, I squeezed the trigger, and the buffalo swiftly turned to his left, running what seemed like 50 yards. We could hear him crashing through the thickets. Five powerful bellows echoed through the air, sending shivers down our spines. Suddenly, silence fell upon us. Anticipating any further action, I had already chambered another cartridge, while Magnus had his 500 NE double rifle at the ready, just in case.

With caution, we approached the fallen buffalo, prepared to unleash more firepower if necessary. He lay on his side, pressed against a tree. To ensure his demise, I fired an insurance shot into his shoulder and stepped back, waiting patiently. It was clear that he was done for, and I couldn't help but express my gratitude to Magnus for yet another incredible hunting experience in Limpopo.

Dangerous Game Hunting In Limpopo With Magnus Crossberg Hunting Limpopo South Africa
Dangerous Game Hunting In Limpopo With Magnus Crossberg Hunting Limpopo South Africa



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