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Happy New Years Eve

What a horrible year it was for all of us. We lost many family and friends and their passing was sad enough but had to endure a farewell without there loved ones. So many were unable to attend a funeral was the saddest truth indeed. I lost a son this year, my condolences to all that lost family and loved ones.

2020 was a year the word truth disappeared - you can apply that to so many events and people.

The China Virus Release, US Elections, The Ruby Princess, The Victorian Hotel Saga, The White Farms Murders in South Africa... the list goes on and on - all in plain sight!

Social media has kept us connected in so many ways in the past, has now become a censorship machine of the truth.

One can only have faith, hope and pray that in 2021the word truth can reappear...

Kind regards AussieJohn



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