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Elk Hunting The Flattops Of Colorado What's Involved...

Over 9 years ago I started applying for preference points in Colorado for elk and other species. I met Forest and Kelly Keith in Kansas 2022, while heading back from my whitetail nearby, and we talk about my points in CO and what we should apply for to hunt with him in 2023. In early 2023 I applied for Muzzle Loader Elk and 3rd Season Rifle Mule Deer, I drew both. I contacted my mate Forest to let him know I was successful in the units he told me to apply in. Coulter Lake Guest Ranch is located near rifle Colorado, in the Flattop Mountain. It is a remarkable location both in wildlife and beauty. The Muzzle Loader season is in the middle of archery season and usually prime rut. Hopefully we can call in some bulls into range of my 50 cal and we can get one down. This is my first muzzle loader elk hunt in Colorado and I am very excited to say the least!

All my hunting gear is stored in Texas with friends, I was unpacking my trailer and opening packages containing the new Muzzle Loader Projectiles and Peep Sights etc for my Thompson encore Prohunter Muzzle Loader, it was like Christmas lol.

Colorado is no sabot, no scope and loose powder only State during Muzzle Loader Season. I had some work to do setting up my Muzzle Loader and get it tuned in for my hunt by the morning of day 2 it was dialed in at 50 yards dead on.

Hunter Orange vest and hat are also required and I had a few last minute items to buy at Sportsmen's Warehouse in Grand Junction before heading back to Rifle and the Coulter Lake Guest Ranch. has authentic ranch style cabins in the Flattops of Colorado and over Archery Elk Hunting, Trail Rides, Wedding Package. Oh and they have a Lake with Trout too!

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Coulter Lake Guest Ranch Colorado
Coulter Lake Guest Ranch Colorado



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