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Back To Texas 2022

When I booked my flights to and from DFW in Texas i was excited at the thought to return and hunt whitetails and Texas hogs... I boarded my flight to Sydney from Brisbane and waited for the connecting flight to DFW. I am sure the seats got smaller in that plane... I felt like a compressed spring between 2 guys either side of me lol.

One night at my Grapevine hotel then my long time friend in Texas Miss Cheryl picked me up and we had tickets for a Tom Jones Concert and yes he is still alive and it was a great show.

Picked up my F250 King Ranch lone car for the next 10 days or so and headed to East Texas to hunt whitetails and hogs with Bruce Hunnicutt from

As I drove into there driveway I felt a buzz. It had been 3 years since I touched the earth there and had missed it greatly. Covid robbed so many of everything during that 3 year period.

Next I know I was looking at trail cam photos and Bruce telling me about a real mature 8 point buck that had my name on it.

I was only in the tree stand 30 minutes when deer started showing up! I had my Ravin R26 loaded with Rage NC 100 3 inch cut. I have had excellent results over the past 5 years with them.

The mature buck stepped out of the pine tree after 20 minute wait. I had the cross hairs firmly place mid chest behind the right shoulder and sent a RAGE on its way.

East Texas Mature Whitetail
Captured on the run pass you can see the Rage entry hole

You can see by the old face he is a mature buck
AussieJohns East Texas 2022 Whitetail



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