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Bad Weather Coues Deer Bust

Well I headed to Arizona mid November 2019 with high planned dreams and a solid plan with a back up in-case. The weather certainly did not cooperate at all, as it dumped inches of rain in my location as I arrived.

The two track roads are now impassable, so I just had to wait to get to my sweet spot I hunted last year.

Plan B now comes into effect! I new I could get my truck into that location. I stayed at the nearby San Carlos Casino Hotel as there was no real purpose for camping in the mud.

I made the long trek up the mountain to a saddle that I had pictures of the year before and immediately seen Coues bucks and does bedded and feeding. I got the spotting scope out for closer inspection of the racks....just a little to small for day one. I made my way to the top of the mountain just under 6000 ft now a found a nice spot to glass for bucks. It wasn't long before I started spotting bucks and does bedded.

I decided to return the following day for a longer sit. I spotted a buck on the sky line at 375 yards and watched him for a while and took some photos. I had thought he must have the best view and decided it was the best ambush spot for the following day as I had seen 3-4 more larger bucks just on dark, I could have pulled the trigger on but wanted to be sure.

Next morning I headed back I was half way up the mountain again when I seen a white Dodge station wagon pull up to unpack I shouted out and waved my hands to show I was 1/2 way up for at-least 10 minutes and continued on.

I made my way to my chosen location I called buck hill and set up under a pine in the shade. An hour or so a doe ran out and I was alerted as I then seen 2 men in camo with rifles. "I immediately shout Oi I am here"!

They looked startled and peered through there binos at me waving my orange flag to signal I am here in the mountain top and leave for another spot. They tried to continue on when I said Oi I am here. Now you would have thought they would do the right thing and go back to there truck.

Apparently not. They headed back but only down a 100 yards and cut round the mountain into the bedding area I was sitting on the edge off 20 minutes later I heard a boom was connect but with a drum like a bad gut shot.... crap I thought how un-sportsman like to screw up my spot and hunt.

I sat quietly hopping that was that and that I still had a chance. 45 minutes later I seen the 2 going through a clearing below me where I was watching for deer. Now completely frustrated with these 2 idiots in my line of fire and mad about the outcome watched them walk off. 45 minutes later right below me I heard voice close and could nt believe it - these 2 idiots had chased there gut shot deer through the gully below me until it expired and were celebrating there find.

By then I had enough I stood up and shouted out "is there anything more you could do to screw up my hunt" I have hunted here the last three days I was here today before you I told you I was here yet you cut in under me how un-sportsmen are you both you should be discussed in your actions. I packed up my gear and headed down the mountain.

The dangers of getting shot and there actions were just to much. so much for gun safety and hunter ED 101.

There next morning I was able to finally get into my spot from last year and a similar indecent happened I was first in there, I parked my truck so it could be seen if someone entering via the track - as I was unpacked and putting my rifle in my back pack another 4 wheeler came in below and around me up into the canyon I was heading to this again is so un-sportsman agin all I could do was leave the dangers of some one getting shot were to great. This was a guide and his client and unfortunitly that was my last opportunity.



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