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Hunting Namibia Africa

Namibia... the first thing your mind conjures up is FREE RANGE HUNTING!

I returned to Namib as the local call it - this June of 2019. Its been 5-6 years since I have hunted here.

I stayed with Westfarlen Safaris Namibia and I must say there lodge was a very impressive. Host John, his wife Juliana and son Hain welcomed me back to Namibia.

We hunted free range Gemsbok (Oryx), Baboon, Warthog during the days there.

The drought has gone on in Namibia for 4 years plus now and its tough find a lot of species as in previous years hunting in Namib.

Westfarlen had a nice water hole set up with a very comfortable blind to sit in and it wasn't long till Springbok, Warthogs, Baboons and Oryx started making there way towards us.

Hain had his eye on a nice Oryx to our right as he whispered it might go 39 take it when you get a clear shot. Mind you the wind picked had to be close to 40 mph gusts so know easy task ahead.

Between the Baboons watching us like hawks and the wind gusting like Texas lol this was no easy hunt. The Oryx pushed and nudged each other as the fed and watered but the tall horned Oryx stayed just out of range for at least an hour.

Finally she presented a shot... and as I released the FMJ 150 grain OZcut 2 blade broad-head... a gust of wind lifted it in close to a foot - resulting in a perfect spin shot lifting the legs from under her in a split second and I followed up with a quick second shot.

Game scattered in every direction but not for long and an old male baboon ventured closer to 38 yards and I release another FMJ with a Grimreaper straight through him with a perfect shot!

The warthog came back with in 20 minutes, no it was a different one Hain whispered take him when he presents a shot and it did. What a way to start the day...3 down.

Two more Oryx came in and Hain said we need meat so take the big bodied one to our left... I waited for a good shot the OZcut sliced right through and she ran 150 yards and dropped.

A one horned Oryx we were after all morning finally presented a shot... I should have waited alittle longer till she settled and I release to too early with a bad shot. Thank fully we were able to follow up this magnificent one horn trophy and more meat for camp.

I seen aardvark up close and personal on this adventure to Namibia not once but several times what a prehistoric creature it is.

Juliana is an exceptional game chef, truly I mean it I have never had game meat so tender and full of flavor...

John and Juliana created the new lodge and eating area and it a credit to there visions and I do recommend it as a place to stay and visit in Namibia as there are so many things to do, sightseeing, game drives, nearby Etosha National Park, mountain bike trails and a gourmet treat awaits every meal.

Westfarlen Safari Lodge Namibia



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