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Iowa Deer Tag

6 Years ago I became friends with Daniel from Iowa. The name Iowa draws one in to start drooling, become flushed in the a little bit of Buck Fever comes into play lol when you say anything about the State of Iowa!

I was informed by Daniel, that it takes at least three points to draw a tag - meaning 3-4 years before a non resident even has a small chance go winning a tag in the Iowa draw.

Well, 5 years (2019) later and 4 points in - I've placed my non resident application into the draw this month.

You now have to buy a non resident licence to apply for points or the draw - so around $660.00 US was the approx amount which translates into $1050.00 Australian dollars plus international flights and getting to the great State of Iowa from Texas where I land etc etc.

I am looking forward to this 1 off encounter and hopefully a nice Iowa Buck.

Friends and followers often ask me what do I do with the meat? Can you bring it back to Australia is the most asked question. No, is the answer so many Australian Customs rules - so no! I normally start with local friends...if they would like a fair chunk first, there are local church and feed the needy programs.

Plus I have a few friends in different States around America to drop so me off on e the way through or a stop over etc.

Next asked question? What do I do with the head. Generally I cape the head out and flesh the skin, turn the ears and mouth and salt it down or completely freeze the cape but making sure there's no freezer burn that's very important. I would have the skin soft tanned in the USA that would take 6-12 months so I bring it back with the taxidermists paper work to Australia the following year.

I then boil and thoroughly clean the deer skull with a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and boiling water for at least 15 minutes to comply with Australian Customs etc.

I would then have it mounted in Australia that way I save on freight and customs charges.

Iowa deer



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