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Can You Believe It??? Another San Carlos Coues Deer Tag

Yes! It's true! I cannot believe it myself! I had sent in my application for 2019 San Carlos Reservation Coues Deer Draw. I had such great encounter and hunt there in 2018.

I heard nothing back and it was past the 2019 draw date. Mmm - I thought well at least I have a shot at it. Weeks later, I was in Sydney visiting friends from Texas when early the next morning I checked my emails as I normally do and there was a SC email, I thought it looked familiar.

Boy was I shocked when I opened it and it said Dear Mr Hossack we have had trouble tracking you down as you one a San Carlos Coues deer Tag for Nov 2019 in the same unit you had last year.

I was speechless I must say! Soon as I was home I paid the almost $2200.00 US tag fees as there is only 15 of these much sort out after tags.

I can get a companion lion tag for an extra $20.00 Us whoop whoop cannot wait for this trip to come around. I am better informed, better prepared and a better mind set for 2019.

AussieJohn Hunting Arizona in 2018



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