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When I arrived at Royal Karoo Safaris in June of 2018 I was a little over whelmed when I saw their brand new and incredible bow hunting blinds.

I have hunted in a lot of countries around the world where outfitters have stated "they cater for bow hunters"...."we have set ups and blinds for bow hunters" etc only to arrive and be bitterly disappointed in the past, I wasn't disappointed with Royal Karoo Bow Blinds I was super impressed and you can be too!

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Royal Karoo Safaris are located on the Eastern Cape of South Africa and owner - outfitter Rob Birch has put a tremendous amount of work into the new bow blind construction.

Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris East Cape South Africa Rob Birch

These African Pit style blinds Rob constructed offer a more generous amount of room for bow hunters - left or right handed - plus the PH and a cameraman and a guest!

Constructing Bow Hunting Pit Blinds South Africa

They are cool on warm days and very comfortable...and hunters dont forget to bring a black top, black gloves and black face mask!

Eastern Cape Bow Hunting Safaris - Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris

A great water tank keeps the Plains Game coming to them...

Bow Hunting Blind Construction East Cape Hunting

During the construction and pouring of the roof section wooden beams were placed to secure the roof until it cured and then the wooden beams were removed.

Archery Blind Plains Game Hunting Royal Karoo Safaris

A view of Sable Antelope from the completed blind

Royal Karoo Safaris Archery Hunting Blind East Cape Sth Africa

The water tank with in 20-30 yards of bow blinds

Royal Karoo Hunting Safari Bow Hunting Blinds

The completed pit blinds there are 6 new blinds constructed for hunting

Royal Karoo Hunting Bow Hunting Blinds

Bruce Hunnicutt from East Texas and his Black Sable Antelope taken from one of the six new pit blinds for bow and cross bow hunters

Black Sable Taken From New Bow Hunting Blinds Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris

Royal Karoo Safaris Eastern Cape South Africa Wounded Warrior Rifle Hunt Video...



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