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Fallow Deer Rut Australia

This is my favorite time of the year in Australia...April.

The Fallow Deer Rut is in full swing mid April and I cannot wait to be apart of it!

I packed my gear and headed for the New England Ranges of Northern NSW Australia , about a 6 1/2 hour trip from my home town of the Gold Coast.

I had 5 days of hunting alone then my daughter Mary would join me for a long weekend of hunting Fallow Deer right in the middle of the rut!

I managed to still hunt a buck and take him with my bow early one morning and later the buck in the photo with my 338 WM.

Daughter Mary, arrived in camp about 3pm and by 5.30pm had her Chocolate coloured buck on the ground with a high shoulder shot from Marks 30-06.

We always have an exception time at Marks place

2018 Fallow Deer Rut Trophy Buck AussieJohn

Dad & Daughter Weekend April 2018 Fallow Deer Hunting NSW



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