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2018 Florida Osceola Turkey Hunt

In March I headed back to the US and touched down in Dallas and picked up my truck in Texas and drove to Kansas. Wow so many time zones in the past 60 hours lol!

After spending the night with my mate Daniel Bell we pack 15 mounted turkeys and three deer heads to drop of on the way to Florida. Dan is a taxidermist.

We had some great adventures on the way and encountered some great hosts and new friends.

We stayed just outside New Orleans and got to see a lot of sights along with exceptional local seafood.

Two days later we arrived in Florida for our turkey hunt. I managed to see birds...big Toms strutting and gobblers doing there stuff. I shot a Jake on the last afternoon of my hunt. Dan managed to kill a great big ol'e Tom.

We road tripped through Georgia and into South Carolina were we did some freezing windy cold striper fishing till we called it a day to go warm up lol.

From SC to Tennessee and overnight...I managed to do some bar hoping down town its always fun there! Next day we were back in Kansas having done 3500 mile round trip.

I stayed overnight with Dan and next night had me back in Texas! Another Great USA Adventure...

AussieJohn Hunts Turkeys In Florida



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