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Hunting Arizona In 2018

Beautiful Arizona! The scenery is amazing while chasing Desert Mule Deer and Javelina in the archery season of 2018. I've been lucky to have a couple of encounters with both species. My hunting host RL Gray and I stalked in on a bunch of hill top javelina. We got busted lol and hogs went in every direction. My hog caught me at 15 yards and retreated rear wards while RLs came straight at him. I couldnt get on mine quick enough as RL turned a complete circle drawn as I said kill him which he did! Boom one on the ground!. A few days later we got onto a couple of mule deer with one nice buck in the bunch...unfortunately as he come towards me I couldnt range him in time so I shot short dang it...we are still hunting everyday so stay tuned!

Hunting Arizona Javelina & Desert Mule Deer in 2018 AussieJohn Big Game Hunter Australia




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