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Hunting Coues Deer in New Mexico

This week I was hunting Coues Deer in New Mexico. The hunt was quiet different to how I imagined.

I left Texas and made the drive across through Amarillo Texas and spent the night in the town of Moriarty New Mexico. By 2 O clock the next afternoon I pulled into my hosts house in Silver City NM. Mt guide Ethan had organized me to stay with his folks, which was very kind gesture.

We headed to the Silver City local range to check my Sendero 7mm rifle at 200, 500 and 800 yards...all good! Next morning I was up at 4 am and by 5 we headed out. The steep terrain was a challenge as I picked up a bad chest infection during the week. Ethan glassed up a nice Coues fairly quick as he was bedding down. So we set up on the side of the draw (Gully). Three hours later he rose and I sent a 162 grain ELD-X on its way 440 yards away. I had allowed a little to much windage and the shot hit to the right unfortunately.

The next couple of days were spent glassing and trying different locations around the unit. We had hot weather, rain and hail and through all of this and I was struggling with my chest infection becoming worse as we got pretty wet one morning.

Day 6 we had a late afternoon hunt and we were lucky to miss the rain. Ethan glassed the hill side. This area was do-able as the terrain was relatively flat where we were at. Ethan whispered John...theirs 2 does and one is looking back surely a buck will come out. 10 minutes later he appeared.

Off we went in the side by side to get above him before dark. Parking the side by side we headed by foot now we stop as Ethan said theirs one in-front at 220 yards.

I tried to squeeze the trigger but I punched it as my lungs were screaming out trying to get air in...I couldn't get my breath... boom! Not qiet the shot I wanted but l had my first Coues Deer and he was down for the count...

AussieJohn Hunts New Mexico with

Glassing Coues Deer In New Mexico Guide Ethan

Hunting New Mexico Coues AussieJohn



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