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Big Game Hunting - Hunting Kansas Whitetails

Kansas Outfitter Daniel Bell. Kansas Archery Whitetail Mid November. Using a 125 Grain GrimReaper, Mathews Halon 32 6 and approx 5.15 pm. I snuck into my tree stand at 2 pm it was overcast with showers and fog-like conditions. The doe came in behind me and drank from the pond 15 yards to my left and below me. The doe then fed and was looking for the trailing buck. The buck came in slow as not to push her and made a circle behind her. The buck, "The Wide 8" as they called in in camp. TW8 gave me one opportunity as he stepped between 2 trees with a 2-foot gap...I had drawn back and was holding as he passed into the gap...I released my new Mathews Halon 32. The buck ran about 20 paces and he somersaulted into the creek and up the embankment and into thick cover as darkness fell I was pretty confident from the hit and it was going to very fatal. I gave him 15 minutes before leaving my tree stand. Huge blood trail grew as I got closer and it was total darkness. Outfitter Dann and Bruce Hunnicutt turned up to my call and help retrieve my buck and celebrated. "The Wide 8" ran about 100 yards in a semi-circle before bleeding out. The GrimReaper razor - trocar tip made a clean break on the front leg as he stepped forward and taking out the heart! Super happy with GrimReapers and the results I have got over past years and my new Halon 32. We have fresh free range venison to share with my host, his staff and me too lol



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