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Youth Big Game Hunting Arizona Youth Cow Elk

I was invited to a youth cow elk hunt in Arizona this weekend and wow what a hoot it was.... I love watching youth hunters and there parents when there hunting.

It doesn't matter what part of the world your in, the look on both the youth and parents are the same wow factor big time!

On this hunt we were in Payson Arizona region of the USA.

Most of these hunts involve a number of adults with 1 or 2 youths. On this hunt we had Dad, RL Gray walking him in and JG spotting and myself on the camera...oh not forgetting the youth hunter young Bryce.

As it turned out Bryce spotted the young elk and rolled him with a single shot on the spot! The trail was close by too so what a bonus to retrieve the elk and with many hands made light work and it was time to get that elk on ice and off to the processor.

Arizona Big Game Hunting Youth Hunt 2017

RL Gray & Bryce congratulations all round! Big Game Hunting AZ

Arizona Youth Hunt 2017 Cow Elk

Bryce got involved on the cleaning of the young elk cow

Youth Hunting in Arizona 2017 Big Game Hunting



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