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Hunting New Mexico Speed Goats

G'day folks this week I am in New Mexico for the 2017 Antelope Season. I have my new Remington Sendero Custom in 7MM Rem Mag. I am hunting with guide Ethan from JH Outfitting

I arrived in the small town of Sorocco New Mexico in preparation for scouting goats on Friday and then hunt early Saturday morning. Well as it turned out early was early lol 4 am start as on Friday afternoon we had another truck with hunters ease into our area and glass so we knew we had to beat them out Saturday morning and we did. It was fresh with a breeze when we packed my guide Ethan's Toyota with my rifle and gear.

We arrived with plenty of night sky left and no sign of any other hunters!

We prepared for the stalk in via a small hill to scout and make a plan...I had purchased a Red Cow/Bull decoy a few days earlier to talk home to Australia to use and it proved vital on this we had it set up and used it as a blind decoy on the final stalk.

Ethan seen the Antelope Buck and his 20 does...he was an old boy! The buck was about a mile away and we hugged the low ground with the decoy up infront of us.

We managed to get in about 150 yards before the Bucks does busted us...when I say busted I mean they just didnt know what we were and run about 200 yards and propped but the buck decided to walk right toward us.

Yes hear he comes Ethan whispered as I am already up on my Harris Bipod extend all the way...closed the bolt and touched the Calvin Elite Trigger and we heard the smack and down he went!

Big Game Hunting in New Mexico Antelope Hunt AussieJohn

Trophy Speed Goat New Mexico AussieJohn
Hunting New Mexico Scenery AussieJohn Hossack

Guide Ethan



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