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Gila Elk New Mexico - Big Game Hunting Blog

This week I have been hunting archery elk over water tanks in the Gila area of New Mexico...

Hunting New Mexico Elk AussieJohn

Sitting long hot afternoons from 3.00 pm till 8.00 pm over looking water tanks made for a sore bottom... most days we hiked in two miles ti different tanks. One afternoon the elk bull and his cows were close enough to hear but never made it to the tank before shooting light faded.

I had a black bear come in one afternoon right on dark at 24 Yards but I didn't have a tag... it was great to watch fill up his afternoon supply of water and move on.

Apart from a couple of Mule Deer does come in that was about it... we changed location to a remote area over a well hole and canyon and Jordan my outfitter spotted three bull elk down in the canyon below but it was to late to make a plan and the next day we had to move.

AussieJohn Hunts Gila NM

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