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Arizona Hunting Deer Over Water

This week I am in Arizona hunting Mule Deer over water. The temp is extremely hot here right now averaging 107F most days. The deer are watering between 11am to midday and six in the evening most days.

I have an over the counter archery tag. The tag is good till late December at $300 for non resident plus $160 for non resident hunting license in Arizona. I only have two days before l head to New Mexico for archery elk, so I may be coming back to AZ in Dec to complete my hunt.

During the hunt on one day 6 does in total came in to water three on the far side...facing me always and never presenting a shot...if a buck did the same it would give me that opportunity I needed for a clean kill shot. On the another side of my blind I have the other three does come in and they sure put on a show for me.

The does, twins I am sure consumed their daily water then proceed to wade in and frolic around in two foot of tank water, quiet the show.

I had two coyotes and a jack rabbit visit at 15 yards later that evening. No bone heads came in while I had my seat firmly anchored in the sauna I called a blind unfortunately! But hey I ll be back to finish what I started in Arizona.

Hunting Desert Mule Deer Over Water In Arizona+
Mule Deer Doe coming for her mid day drink



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