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Aussie's In Arizona...

The Aussies have landed in Arizona...After touching down in Texas on 5th Aug 2017 AussieJohn and good mate Joe Raitt road tripped from DFW to Amarillo TX, Raton CO, Canon City to Salida CO, down to Santa Fe NM and Las Vegas NM (to visit the Longmire Netflex Set, Gallop NM, Payson AZ this week to hunt Prairie Dogs.

We want to help the land owners prevent broken legs on cattle breaking there leg on the Prairie Dog burrows. Later I will return to hunt deer and Javalina in AZ...cannot wait.

AussieJohn Big Game Hunting Blog


We have a great group of mates in AZ and they are "biting at the bit to take us out with there AR 15s and bust up some local vermin in coming soon. I have my Remington VTR in 22-250 with a 5x20 scope really for some long range fun.

In 2016 I was lucky enough to go out with local friend JG and his selection of AR15s and spend the day reducing the numbers of PD. We busted some 50 for the day and the AR15 barrels got a great work out. We are not allowed to have AR15s in Australia so this was a real treat.

AussieJohn & Joe Raitt Road Tripping America



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