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Fallow Buck Dirt Nap!

Getting back behind the wheel of my 200 series Land Cruiser wagon that was packed the night before in preparation for an early start was a good feeling. I was heading South West towards the New England Ranges of NSW. I love hunting Fallow Bucks and the best time to that is during the Rut. This years Rut was in full swing just before and during Easter and the big boys were going to town...I had passed up several lesser bucks over the days preceding.

It was in the predawn light on my last day, when I headed to the top of the ridge and met my buck coming right at me...dang I couldn't get a shot! During the next hour I found myself chasing croaking bucks around when I decided to head back to the ridge top and lay up for a while. I had thoughts about whether there would be another chance at my buck after he did his rounds.

I was wearing my my new Crossover Camo from the USA as blended in well to the Australian bush surroundings. I found the perfect hidey hole at the base of three dead trees. Resting up, but watching out had me looking at a real nice buck some 20 minutes he was the same buck I d seen earlier and my intuition had paid divide ends! As I closed the bolt quietly on my 338 and squeezed of a round then through the scope watched as the heart shot was good at 220 yards as he reel sideways and spun-round, then jumping a barb wire fence and run 20 yards to prop and then realize something was wrong. It sure was...a heart shot will let game run a short fast distance before dropping dead...I gave him another round to make sure.

The 225 grain made him rear up backwards and he laid there perfectly still and the big boy was mine whoop whoop!

There was no ground shrinkage fact he grew as I walked closer. This was my tenth year hunting with Mark Daddow and and what a ten years it has been with so many wonderful bucks down and memorable experiences along with many great friendships created...isn't that what hunt camps should be about...thank you Mark for an awesome April in 2017.



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