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Fallow Deer Season Open In N.S.W

Whoop Whoop - Yes! Fallow deer season is open in N.S.W. I cannot wait to get down there to hunt the mighty Fallow Buck...he is one of my personal favorite to hunt.

I ve been hunting them since I was old enough lol that's a while ago! For the last 8 years now I have hunting with Mark Daddow from Severn Safaris. Marks website is its a great spot to hunt, lots and lots of free-range fallow buck and does. The new cabin is very comfortable and is heated along with hot gas shower and flushing toilet has all the comforts of home. The fallow are free range and offer some very impressive trophy bucks. I have managed to take quiet a few great bucks over my many years hunting with Mark...nothing beats the sound of a grunting buck with nostrils flared on a cool April morning. Mark also has meat deer hunts available outside the Rut dates and they are extremely affordable and a great way to fill your freezer with fresh free range venison. Its a great introduction to hunt fallow as well or take a junior hunting for the first time for more detailed information.

Fallow Buck In The Rut NSW



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