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Bucket List Javalina Hunt!

Whoop Whoop... Javalina down in Arizona. I first seen a Javalina shoulder wall mount at my good family friends house in Wichita Falls Texas....ever since then it was on my bucket list to shank one. This was my third trip to Arizona and i hit the jackpot!

My two good friends in AZ Steve and John took me out to a favorite glassing spot for Mule deer and Javalina. I spotted some big horn rams - first ones id ever seen wild wow wee! John spotted some 20 Javalina about a mile away and Steve and myself set off on a stalk...The real deal.

The hogs busted us and Steve waited a few minutes and then called them in and you should have been there and seen them run on in. At 20 yards running uphill at me head on I drew back anchored between the shoulder blades and drove a 125 grain Grim Reaper to the fetches. The pin the hog and it was mine...whoop whoop my first Javalina at my feet with good size cutters...

Steve continued to call and five good size hams ran in Steve had the misfortune to miss and a big boar...passably the lead hog dang it! I wanted to thank my good friend RL Gray and his wife for looking after me in AZ RL was in hospital with some complications on his resent knee surgery and was unable to take me out and it really frustrated the heck out off him stuck at home. Next year will be a different story I am sure of that!



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