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Dangerous Game Hunting

Dangerous Game Hunting Australia Banteng Cattle 50 Cal Muzzle Loader

Dangerous game hunting – when you hear those words the picture of Africa comes into most hunters minds. Here in Australia, we have several species that are classed as dangerous game and offer an adrenaline charged hunt. Scrub bulls, Water Buffalo and Banteng Cattle are top of the list.

I have been blessed to hunt all three species in Australia and can say without a doubt they require serious planning and back up…

Scrub Bulls: The first time l looked down the barrel of a 375 H&H, and shortly there after through the peep sight of my bow and both times wondering if, the 2000lb wild scrub bull, will turn and charge me – gave me an awesome adrenaline rush.

Wild Ox, Wild Cattle or Scrub Bulls as they are often called in Australia are an interesting game animal that can be hunted through the Top end of Australia.

With a weight range from 1000lb to 2000lb plus, these animals deserve every bit of respect that any large dangerous game animal would, as they can be quite an aggressive animal and tough to stop. I have taken a great bull with 375 H&H and with my Mathews Reezn bow, both were successful.

"I rate this hunt as 9/10 on dangerous game hunting in Australia"

Water Buffalo: The wild Australian buffalo can be unpredictable and should be treated with caution. They are very large, some weighing in at nearly a ton. The Bulls have very thick hides and are covered with mud. They require an adequate rifle, usually .375 H&H caliber and above but the 338 is another great choice with the right loads.

If a buffalo does decide to charge, the hunter can be in serious trouble. A human cannot out run the buffalo, so a backup with a guide or outfitter is vital and to stand one's ground and try to kill the animal before it can kill you so fast follow up shots, a double barreled or repeating rifles are the best choice when hunting

Between 1825 and 1843, about 80 buffalo were brought to Melville Island and Coberg Peninsula for meat. When these settlements were abandoned in the mid-1900s, the buffalo soon colonised the permanent and semi-permanent swamps, and freshwater springs of the top end of the Northern Territory. Australia has two types of buffalo: the river type from western Asia, with curled horns, and the swamp type from eastern Asia, with swept-back horns and water buffalo, is the heaviest bovine in the world.

"I rate this hunt as 8/10 on dangerous game hunting in Australia"

Banteng Cattle: I recently hunted Banteng in the remote tip of Northern Territory of Australia in the Coberg Peninsular.

This was a truly amazing hunt and opportunity with incredible scenery to boot!

Let me say… I was surprised at the toughness of those Banteng Bulls and there ability to soak up lead! Yes, they could have been one shot kills but in thick scrub, but you don’t want to risk loosing the bull or been charged by him at close range.

I am a fan of using the largest caliber I have available at my disposal. Presently I have a choice of the 375 Ruger loaded with Barns, 202 Sauer Select 375 H&H, Remington Kustom Shop 338 with 250 grain loads. But if I had a 416 Rigby I’d use that to lol.

My Banteng was waiting at 25 yards for thick 5 foot high scrub. First, I scene his piecing eyes and then his face…the face of death.

I swung my 50 cal Muzzle Loader inline with the bulls neck and squeezed of a shot. He ran less than 100 yards before expiring the 250 grain Barns worked well.

"I rate this hunt as 10/10 on the dangerous game hunting in Australia"



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