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4 Wheel Drive Australia

4 Wheel Driving Australia - Hunting Rigs

Having many different 4 Wheel Drive vehicles over the past 40 years has given me a good perspective on the pros and cons of vehicle selection. My first 4WD was a G60 Nissan Patrol Soft Top, followed by a Nissan GQ SWB, Toyota 60 Series Wagon, Toyota 70 Series Ute, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Troopcarrier, Nissan GQ 4.8 Wagon, Suzuki Wagon, RAV 4 Wagon, Mitsubishi Parejo Wagon, Toyota V8 Troopcarrier, and currently Toyota 200 V8 Wagon. A Work in progress...more to come soon!

AussieJohn Nissan Patrol 4.8

ARB rear cargo drawers and fridge freezer 200 series

AussieJohn's Troopcarrier rear draw custom sysytem

Installing the rear draw system on Toyota troopcarrier

Installing the ARB 60 ltr 12-240 volt fridge freezer

AussieJohn Previous Nissan Patrol AKA silent death

STEDI LED light bar fitted to current Toyota 200 series V*

AussieJohn My Toyota Landcruiser 60 series - working the suspension

AussieJohn's Albury 4WD ARB truck he owned in the 1980's

AussieJohn Chevrolet Silverado 4WD Quad Cab hunting rig in Texas

AussieJohn My previous Toyota Troopcarrier - ARB some of the finest 4WD accressories in the world...

AussieJohn's current hunting rig 200 series Land Cruiser

AussieJohn recommends ARB Accessories

AussieJohn's Hunting rig in Wyoming USA

STI LED driving lights and light bars



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