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Up For A Challenge? Take Up Bow Hunting.

Bow Hunting warthogs Namibia AussieJohn

I have been fortunate to have discovered the rewarding experience of archery hunting. I have bow hunted in Australia, many of the States within America and Namibia Africa. I have taken some great game like deer, bear, scrub bulls, warthogs just to name a few with my Mathews Heli-m bow.

Finding the best bow that suits you best is most important. Your draw length, left or right hand, the type of sight, the release, the different arrows, the broad-heads fixed or mechanical, the distance your comfortable shooting, joining a bow club, finding an outlet that can tune your bow and they really know what they are doing is also key vital ingredient.

Every time I turn my head there is a new bow been released. Is that a good thing I ask myself well there are subtle changes. But sometimes new is not required when your current bow does all you need or more. I have a Mathews Reezn as my back up bow. The biggest difference between the Heli-m and the Reezen is weight. The weight of the bow when your carting it around a mountain makes a big difference and is worth the upgrade i feel, after totting both around the Colorado Rockies at 10000 feet.

Tree stand hunting in Australia is slowly gaining momentum and is worth investigating. I have had great results hunting deer and bear in the USA.

(A Work in progress...more to come soon!)

Tree Stand Hunting In Australia

Archery Hunting Black Bear Washington State AussieJohn

Elevated View Hunting Tree Stands

Bow hunting Fallow Deer In NSW Australia Tree Stand Hunting



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